My CE Lecture
I present a continuing education program entitled, "Composites: Better, Faster and Easier," designed for dentists and chairside dental assistants.  This program can easily save dentists 5 to 10 minutes of chair-time on each composite they place.  This course requires the use of NO proprietary instruments or materials.  What I teach is knowledge and technique.  It works with any composite or matrix system.  I receive no money from any manufacturer.  This program can be formatted in one of three ways:

1) Half-day lecture with case presentations and a live projected demonstration of the placement of a Class II light-cured composite on a typodont which will be passed around to the attendees.

2) Full-day lecture with case presentations, and multiple live projected demonstations of various classes of composite restoration on typodonts that will be passed around for the close visual inspection of the attendees.

3) Half-day lecture (3  hours) followed by a 3 hour hands-on workshop in which each attendee will place Class I, II,  IV and V light cured composites.

The return on investment for any of these 3 programs is faster than any other CE course.  For the hands-on workshop I supply the typodonts and the plastic teeth.  The teeth cannot be reused, thus the higher cost for this activity.  I limit the workshop to 20 attendees, but have had more attend who watch and learn from those participating.

Please contact me about your particular situation by simply using  the Contact Us tab to the left.  I CHALLANGE ANYONE TO PRESENT A COURSE WHERE THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) IS BETTER THAN THIS.  Most dentists have a ROI in two days due to saved overhead.  After that they are saving 5 to 10 minutes of chair-time on every light-cured composite they place for the rest of their professional career.  Consider what that will mean to your bottom line for the rest of your professional career.  That doesn't even consider the savings of special instruments and materials, patient satisfaction since they are in the chair for less time, or the ability to create anatomy and occlusion that is unbelievably natural.  Please look again at the cases presented on my home page.