Befores and Afters

Here are 3 diverse cases (Veneers, Class V and Class II) of befores and afters of clincial restorations where the Clear Custom Matrix Technique was used to make the impossible possible and save AT LEAST 5 to 10 minutes of chair-time.  The Clear Custom Matrix Technique can be used with ANY light-cured composite placement to easily save 5 to 10 minutes of chair-time.

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Porcelain Veneer Temporization

Patient has had adult orthodontics.  A diastema has opened up between the central incisors and efforts by the orthodontist to close that space have failed.  Patient was referred to me for porcelain laminate veneers.  On the day of the first appointment for preparation of the veneers, I was walking into the operatory and the first words out of the patients mouth were, "I want to look perfect when I leave today."  How would you temporize this patient?
I want to point out the enamel highlights noted in this photograph:
A - Vertical highlights on the messial
B - Highlights at the incisal edge
C - Highlights towards the mesial
D - Two highlights towards the mesial
These will be duplicated in the TEMPORARY restoration.  Hard to believe?

Note the corresponding enamel highlights in the TEMPORARY composite restoration.  (This photograph was taken immediately after light-curing.  There is some flash present at the cervical.)  When was the last time you were able to duplicate natural enamel highlight?  I show this case only to illustrate how accurately the Clear Custom Matrix Technique can duplicate subtle enamel highlights as well as contours and occlusion.

Class V Cervical Abrasion

The Clear Custom Matrix Technique can easily save you 5 to 10 minutes of chair-time while allowing you great results easily.  There is minimal shaping or finishing required.  Imagine how you would have gotten the same results without using the Clear Custom Matrix Technique. 

Sectional Matrix and a DO Carious Lesion

A carious lesion is present on the distal surface of the second premolar radiographically and clinically due to decalcification noted through the distal marginal ridge.  The construction of the Clear Custom Matrix adjacent to a sectional matrix is pictured in the FAQ of this web site.
Note the occlusal anatomy and rounded marginal ridge obtained by a senior dental student using the Clear Custom Matrix Technique, easily saving 5 to 10 minutes of finishing and polishing.